Love Paradox


You and I locked in this snare.
“Why are you doing this to me?”
Blissful joy to exasperated frustration.
“Why can’t you just believe in me?”
Primal rage and wanton lust. But trust?
“Don’t cry. Baby, you are all I see!”
Reckless abandon though cautiously aware.
“Stop this…let’s just be.”

Once again, caught up in the crazed and euphoric elation.
Wistfully and impossibly glad, back to stark raving mad.
Wanting to be in your arms but struggling to get away.
Addicted to the highs bound in extremes of infatuation.

The angst of the ebb and flow.
“I feel caged, I need to leave!”
The moments of weakness in vulnerability.
“Baby, please don’t. I’ll follow wherever you go.”
Losing battles…circular exercises in futility.

Co-dependency: Its push and the pull.
The all-encompassing thrill. Perhaps it’s not right.
Neither of us can really say. So, when is the endgame?
Who knows but today is just not that day.

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