Claiming Another Man’s Wife-Part 1

“Let go of my arm, Nicholas. Right now, and I do mean it,” Jessica stated through gritted teeth.

Nicholas blinked his steely blue eyes at her, squinted, then called her bluff.

“Or what, Jessica?” he snapped.

She rolled her eyes and tapped the French pedicured toes of her left foot on the floor. It was not wise to react impetuously because it was 9:35 at night and she needed to get the hell out of there. Already beyond the time allotted, if she had continued the quarrel with him, it would have only delayed her departure. With eyes closed, she sighed heavily and used a few moments to collect herself.

Jessica silently lamented, why must he do this at the worst possible time? Why? He knows that I need to go.

“Nick, please don’t do this right now. You know that I need to leave. I should have left thirty minutes ago, and I’m not even dressed.”

They had been arguing for an hour, and both had made hurtful remarks which only escalated the impasse. It was a no-win situation, and their frustrations had gotten the better of them.

He released her arm and turned his back in disgust, “Fine. Leave Jessica. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m tired of this fucking bullshit. Get your shit and get the fuck out!”

He stalked over to the large hotel window which overlooked the city and slipped his hands into the pockets of his charcoal-grey Armani dress slacks. His pants were the only thing that donned his tall, fit physique, and they were tailored perfectly for him. Regret formed in his mind as his bare feet sank into the plush carpet of the luxury suite. The money was of no consequence as he had plenty of that, but it was the principle of the matter.

He gazed out at the bright city lights and seethed in anger with thoughts about how their weekend was being cut short. The Grand Penthouse Suite in one of the most expensive hotels in the city had been a surprise for her to celebrate their second anniversary and he had been looking forward to it all month. Jessica told him that she could stay for the entire weekend, but those plans had abruptly changed.

As per fucking usual, he thought.

Jessica stared at his back for a few seconds with a heavy heart. She knew that their weekend getaway was important to him just as it was to her. However, with her life as it was, plans sometimes needed to be altered without prior notice. Nicholas knew that though, and she wished he would just cut her some slack. For two weeks leading up to their anniversary, they’d argued about quality time management. When he had surprised her with the weekend getaway, she had hoped it would be an antidote to their dispute.

On her side of the bed, she located the black satin bra and panties set which had been placed on the comforter. The intention was to model them for Nick that evening, but Jessica had not gotten the chance. Clutched in her hand, she took the items with her and headed into the massive bathroom. The Italian marble and gold fixtures were just as luxurious as the rest of the suite which made her feel guilty. She could never have afforded to surprise him with any of the lavish things that he often gifted her. Although Jessica couldn’t reciprocate with expensive monetary gifts, she did try to show him in other ways how much she valued the relationship, which always seemed inadequate to her.

She studied her reflection in the gold framed mirror and wasn’t pleased. Her long, chestnut-brown hair was a mess. All the curls that she spent an hour creating were limp, mascara was smudged under her eyes, and the mauve colored lipstick was almost invisible. It was Saturday evening, their second night staying at the hotel, and they had gone out for a romantic dinner. They returned to the suite to change because Nicholas said that he had another surprise for her which required formal evening attire. However, when they arrived back to their room, he was very aroused, and they were just about to make love when her cellphone ringtone interrupted.

Of course, she knew who was calling which meant that it needed to be answered. It was a rather quick call, one of many she had received that evening, but the final conversation had culminated in the decision that their rendezvous was being short. Nicholas was not pleased and made it crystal clear to her once the call had ended. He was never one to mince words, but some of the things said that night had hit a sore spot inside her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she stared at herself and tried not to cry, yet failed.

You are thirty-four, not twenty-four. Is it worth it, really?

The question was rather pointless because she knew the answer. She was madly in love with Nicholas Prescott, and no other man had made her feel more alive, more beautiful, nor more desired. Furthermore, no man had ever fucked her the way he could and did. They had met at his company when she was hired as a personal secretary almost three years prior. She had only applied for the job as a long shot and didn’t think she’d ever get hired at Prescott & Prescott. The other Prescott being Eric, Nick’s younger brother, who was looking to hire a personal secretary at the time.

Jessica sent in her resume after she had come across a listing in an online employment database posted by Prescott & Prescott Public Relations. Much to her surprise about six days after her first interview, which she thought she had bombed, she received a callback. When Jessica returned for a second interview, Eric hired her on the spot. Initially, she had minimal contact with Nicholas as he had his own personal secretary and hardly seemed interested in interacting with her. Back then, she had heard the widespread rumors about the Prescott brothers because they ran the best PR firm on the east coast and were often featured in various media publications.

Both brothers were lauded for their top-notch business acumen, charity events, good looks, and of course, their considerable wealth. However, there were stark contrasts between their personalities and personal lives. Eric was happily married with two children, very easy-going, and mild-mannered. Nicholas was known for his philandering, had no children, and was a ruthless shark in business with a brazen demeanor. It wasn’t until an executive party planner canceled at the last minute and left them in a lurch regarding their annual fundraising gala for breast cancer research that Jessica formally met Nicholas Prescott.

She had been working for Eric for two months at the time he had asked her to assist Nick’s personal secretary, Jalen Banks with the gala arrangements. She knew he had asked because her resume stated that she had been a highly skilled, executive administrative assistant with experience in coordinating large scale events for a luxury event planning service at her previous job. Some creative embellishment regarding the company she had previously worked for and her role there had been done.

The truth was that she had worked for a small party planning company for five years as a clerical aid and had never handled an account over one hundred people. The company was so mismanaged that it eventually folded and left her unemployed for four months. Fortunately, Jalen knew his stuff which made her look competent as the event was successful thanks to his expertise and willingness to share the glory.

During that time, she and Jalen became fast friends, and he mentored her every step of the way with on the job training. A few months later, Jalen was in a car accident which left him incapacitated with a broken leg, and he needed a considerable amount of time away from work during his recovery. Eric had asked Jessica to act as Nick’s temporary personal secretary until Jalen returned because he was not going out of his way to hire anyone new for his brother. He said that Nick would just dismiss them all with complaints about their incompetence in comparison to Jalen. Eric also raised her salary by thirty percent which helped Jessica solve many of her financial woes at the time.

Jalen was gone for almost three months as a result of surgical complications with his leg, but fortunately, Jessica could contact him regularly for his advice on how to handle matters with her second boss. Nick was somewhat resistant and skeptical of her at first but eventually accepted that he didn’t have much of choice besides to make the best of the situation. Thus, he relied heavily on Jessica for his daily schedule, meetings, and various appointments. Her careful attention to detail, level-headedness, and the ability to quickly adjust to his expectations garnered his respect after a few weeks. They worked together closely and soon it was evident that their chemistry was undeniable.

Yet, Jessica had no intention of getting involved with Nicholas Prescott whatsoever regardless of their chemistry. For one, those rumors were right about him being a ladies’ man and most importantly, she was a married mother of two. However, they struggled to keep their attraction in check, and when they couldn’t deny it any longer, Nicholas crossed the line. He kissed her one night in his office when they had worked late and Jessica didn’t resist it. That was the beginning of what turned into an intensely passionate, emotionally consuming, and sometimes reckless love affair.


It had been about fifteen minutes since Jessica disappeared into the bathroom and Nick’s anger had not subsided one iota even though he knew deep down inside that he didn’t mean what he had said to her. He loved her deeply, she was the only woman who had ever made him stop his philandering ways, and even remotely consider a serious relationship. Given, she was not the typical type that he went for when seeking a woman to date. Jessica was average height, carried some extra weight in her hips and ass, but it suited her curvaceous figure. She was a brunette, quirky, and sometimes wore black, angular-framed reading glasses that magnified her pretty blue eyes. Boho-chic, feminine, and sweet was her style of dress which he rather liked. She was very warm-hearted, intelligent, witty, and he found her “Jess knows best” demeanor at the office adorable.

The women whom he usually dated were often tall, slim blondes, who dressed in ridiculously expensive designer clothing just to attract attention. Most were boring, shallow, and he interchanged them regularly. He tended to stick with models, the daughters of low-level politicians, or small-time commercial actresses whom he’d met through business. There was a method to his madness in selecting those types even though it amassed a lot of criticism from family, friends, and the general public. It was because he didn’t want the emotional attachment and he knew there was no way he’d ever fall in love with any of them.

They were acceptable to parade around town, take out to dinners or business events if he wanted some company, and to a hotel to fuck, but little else. None had ever been to his apartment, but Jessica was shown all six of his properties. She had clearance to access them, not that she ever used the permission, but he liked knowing that she had it. Outside of the office, when they were together, Jessica mainly visited his apartment in the city because that is where he called home. He smiled to himself as he remembered the first time he had taken her there.

For the first three hours, she didn’t get to see much of his apartment other than the front door, ceiling, and carpet. He had fucked her like a starved animal that night and was pleasantly surprised by how incredibly tight she was the first time he entered her. Sexually, she was not at all what he’d imagined which was another significant difference between Jessica and women in his past. Most of the women he dated prior were annoyingly aggressive or excruciatingly passive. Jessica was a fantastic lover and a bedroom-submissive, and that intrigued him considering her assertive nature at work.

She had just the right balance of intellect and sensual appeal for his taste which made him feel sometimes unreasonably selfish with her. Nicholas loved how sweet and submissive she could be yet eager and willing to be pleased. Not to mention she could give a blow job so good it that it could make a man go into a state of complete bliss the second she wrapped those soft, pouty pink lips around his cock. His dick twitched behind his trousers and thickened at the mere thought of sinking it between either set of her lips.

He cursed to himself, Goddamn it! Why does she have to be so fucking addictive?

Nick sighed and felt his attitude subside slightly as he thought about the real reason, he was so angry. The woman he was in love with was not entirely his, and he hated it. She was married to a loser who consistently came up with idiotic “investment” schemes which meant that Jessica had to be the primary source of income for their family. Her husband was out of work again, she was stressed out because they were in some debt, but she continually refused Nick’s offer to help. For the life of him, he couldn’t understand Jessica’s loyalty to a man who mooched off his wife and then dared to complain about almost everything she did.

Her explanation was always that he needed her, their kids adored him, and she didn’t want them to be the product of a broken home. Nick and his brother Eric were the product of a so-called, “broken home” and in his mind, they had both turned out well. They owned and operated a successful multi-million-dollar public relations conglomerate with himself acting as CEO and his brother as president. Eric was married to his college sweetheart and was a doting father. Though Nick had not pursued the life Eric had, he made his peace with it, and his relationship with his brother was quite close.

Nick had been in love once before in his mid-twenties, was engaged, and had been deeply hurt. After two years of serious dating, his then-girlfriend ended their relationship abruptly, never affording him closure. During that time in his life, he went through a period of depression and retreated into himself for a good year wallowing in self-pity for most of it. Eventually, that pity turned into bitterness which caused him to avoid getting involved with women romantically for the remainder of his twenties, and a resolve to never let another woman get the upper hand on him emotionally. He had stuck to that for years and threw himself into building an excellent business reputation with his brother and together they made the Prescott name a lucrative brand.

In his early thirties, he decided to get back into the dating scene and opted to only deal with women who accepted his need to be in control. When he was done with one, it was he who gave the dismissal, and then he was soon on to the next.  Jessica was the only one to ever break through his resolve, and he had fallen hard for her a few weeks after his fortieth birthday. In some ways, as much as he loved her, there was some resentment because of the necessary secrecy surrounding their relationship. The fact that she couldn’t be his openly had taken a significant toll on him. He begrudged himself for taking it out on her because he was responsible for his own choice to be with a married woman.

He also knew that a lot of his anger had to do with envy. He was incensed that a man like Jessica’s husband had a woman like her, who regularly sacrificed for him, and their kids. That night, the idiot had called to whine that their youngest had what he thought “might” be a cold and that he was tired of, “dealing with it alone.” He phoned no less than eight times, and the final time, the fool told Jess that she needed to just come home. Nicholas couldn’t believe his ears when Jessica said she’d be home within two hours. The second that call ended, he demanded that she call back to tell her incompetent husband that he should be able to take care of a seven-year old’s case of the fucking sniffles for two days. Jessica insisted that she needed to leave, and he had become furious at the very notion, which resulted in the worst argument they’d ever had.

Nicholas ran his hands through his wavy brown hair before he turned around when he heard her come out of the bathroom. She had obviously freshened up and re-dressed in the floral-print wrap dress which was her outfit during dinner. It was simple but fit her curves in all the right places which made his dick throb in his pants. He stared at her face as she tried to avoid his gaze, but he knew her well enough to know that she’d been crying.

Shit. Why do you do this to her, Prescott? She has enough problems, dummy. Ah… fuck me.

Guilt came over him as he scolded himself in his mind. He swallowed hard before he spoke and started to walk toward her.

“Jessica, I’m—”

She looked up at him with sadness in her startling blue eyes and pain in her voice, which effectively stopped him in his tracks. “Don’t, Nicholas. I will be gone in about ten minutes, okay. You told me to get my shit and get the fuck out. I am, and I will just flag a cab downstairs by the curb. I’m sorry that I fucked up yet again, but please just don’t.”

Her voice shook on the last sentence, and he knew that she was fighting back the tears. She stood in front of the glossy oak desk where her small, vintage Chanel purse was, an anniversary gift that he had presented her as one of many that he had planned. She shoved her makeup bag into it and then tried to place her wallet inside next to it. He watched her in silence as she struggled, all the while loathing himself for how he had spoken to her earlier. She tried various ways to get both items into her small handbag to no avail.

“Goddammit!” She swore before she slammed the wallet on the desk and walked away.

Jess stomped over to the large side closet and roughly pulled out her black rolling suitcase which was the only piece of luggage that she had brought with her. After all her things were packed, she zipped the case and placed it by the entrance door. Jessica found her low-heeled, nude pumps and slipped her feet into them. Then, headed back to the desk to make another attempt to fit the wallet into her bag. No matter how she tried, it wouldn’t work, and she screamed in frustration.

Quietly, Nick walked over and gently covered her shaking hands with his to still them.

“Stop, just stop, baby,” he whispered to her.

They stood like that for a few moments and stared down at their hands in silence.

“I have to go, Nicholas,” she told him gently.

He nodded even though she wasn’t looking at him.

“I’m fully aware,” he replied, dryly.

No one moved, though.

“Look at me, Jessica,” he demanded.

She hesitated for a second but obliged him and raised her eyes to meet his gaze.

“Do you love me?” he asked.


“Do you love me? Yes or no,” he asked, firmly.

Jessica struggled not to cry and managed a response.

“Yes,” she replied faintly, but he had heard it.

Nick had not expected that answer, and his heart skipped a beat, but he continued, “Then why do you go back to him?”

Jessica huffed and sighed, “You know why, Nick. You know. I can’t just—”

He cut her off, “Why not, Jessica?”

She sighed, “You don’t understand. He’s my—.”

His anger built up again, and he exploded, “He’s a grown man, yet can’t do a fucking thing without you, treats you like it is you who owes him, and you suffer through the indignities of barely being able to pay your bills because he’s always fucking up your finances. Oh, but you don’t want your kids to grow up in a broken home because, god forbid, they might find out what a selfish prick their father is, and how he really treats their mother! I fully understand for the umpteenth fucking time, I get it, but what I’d really like to know is who the fuck am I to you? What am I to you, Jessica?”

Nick’s nostrils flared as he looked at Jessica not expecting any real answer besides her normative silence until he gave up in exasperation, which was their routine. A tear rolled out her left eye, down her cheek, and under her chin. He was fraught with anger, jealousy, and hatred for the situation which she understood completely. Jessica sniffed, wiped another tear, and answered him shakily.

“You are the man whom I wish that I had met first. You are the man whom I wish was the father of my children. You are the love of my life and always will be. That’s who you are to me, Nicholas Joshua Prescott, and it kills me every single day that I can’t give you what you really want because I wish for it, too.”

To say that he was wholly unprepared for her response was an epic understatement. Jessica had never said she loved him, not even once, though he had told her numerous times. It had always hurt him that she would never say it, but he also understood why, because then she’d have to face some hard realities about her true feelings. Her revelations had cut right through his irritation, jealousy, and discontentment. Every possessive and territorial sense inside of him was ignited.

Suddenly, he stepped around the desk and pulled her to him. His mouth covered hers before she could protest and he kissed her hard, hungrily, and unyielding. His hands gripped her arms tightly and practically lifted her out of her shoes as he pulled her body up to him and pushed his tongue past her soft lips. Her hands rose on instinct to his chest, but he was not going to stop until he was good and ready. Nicholas darted his tongue into her mouth deeper and flicked it hotly along hers.

Jessica melted inside, kissed him back, and moaned as he released her arms. He slid his hands down her sides, eased them along the small of her waist, over her ample hips, and around to her voluptuous ass to caress it. Nick’s cock was as hard as titanium and flexed in longing behind the zipper of his expensive slacks. His hips ground against hers and he pressed his palms flatly to bring her much closer. Finally, when he broke their kiss and looked into her eyes, she stared back at him in total shock.

“Wh— What are you doing?” she asked him breathlessly,

He raised his left eyebrow, “Exactly what I should have done a long fucking time ago.”

He grabbed her arm and dragged her over to the hotel window. She stumbled on her heels, but he had control and did not allow her to fall.

“Nick! Nicholas, what the hell?”

There was no verbal response from him as he glared at her once she was positioned with her back to the large window. Nick towered over her, and pure lust had darkened his irises as he roughly yanked open her wrap dress exposing the black satin lingerie that she had purchased for his pleasure. He’d be damned if he didn’t get to see her in it before she left because it was bought to wear for him in the first place. Jessica took a step back, but there was nowhere to go as her back was stopped by a thick reinforced steel bar across the tempered glass. She swallowed hard, and a chill ran down her spine as Nick raised his eyes to look at her face.

Her whole body trembled as all six-feet-four inches of him loomed over what felt like her meager stature in comparison. He focused his fiery glare downward and took in the sight of her large breasts which practically spilled out of the satin demi-cup bra. His heart thumped in his chest rapidly as his gluttonous eyes examined her further to feast on her hourglass figure. Nick’s possessiveness increased by the second and it drove his lust for her to an all-time high. Her dress was hanging back off her shoulders, and her curvy figure was silhouetted by the backdrop of the city lights and the moonlight.

The tiny black panties were barely enough to cover the vee between her legs and Nick was anxious to see her ass in them. So, he snatched the dress down off her body and tossed it to the floor away from them. Jessica shuddered and sucked in a hard breath as he removed her garment.

“Nicholas!” She cried out in surprise.

He wrenched her around to face the widow and her breath caught in her throat as the illuminated skyline came into view. Her stomach lurched a little when she looked down and recalled just how high they were in the penthouse suite. Her dark tresses cascaded down her back and he reached up, then pushed it all to the side to view her entire back side. Both of his hands slid down and pressed her to a bent position.

“Nicholas, please. I don’t have time,” she pleaded.

He growled and smacked her ass hard which caused her to yelp. Blood rushed to her face, the warm sting spread over her left buttock, and her chin trembled. He had never spanked her before, and she was flummoxed. 

“You aren’t going anywhere right now, Jessica. Spread your legs and stick your ass out. I want to see my anniversary gift,” he told her resolutely.

Jessica was reeling from Nick’s disposition but did as she was told, inched her feet apart, and pushed her hips back.

“Mmm. Just like that, baby. I want to see that ass in these panties.”

Jessica’s shapely round ass was everything he wanted it to be and more. It was soft, supple, and shaped like an upside-down heart. The black satin which barely covered it in the middle looked sexy as hell to Nick. He couldn’t help himself and gave her ass another smack, and Jessica let out a whimper on the impact. He loved that sound so much that he smacked her ass again simply because could. His hands felt up her ass to massaged it, and when he was done with the preliminaries, Nick unbuttoned his slacks. Once unzipped, they dropped to the floor around his ankles, he stepped out and kicked them away. 

“Are you sure you love me, Jessica?”

Jessica quivered and answered, “Yes, Nicholas, I do love you.”

Hearing those words that he had longed to hear from her for so long was like a balm to many wounds he carried deep inside himself. However, a therapeutic talk wasn’t on his mind at the time.

“Good, because I love you, but I’m about to fuck you like I don’t. So, it’s best that you hold on to that steel bar across the window as tightly as you can,” he warned.

Jessica’s eyes grew wide when what he said registered to her brain. Her hands shot out and desperately grabbed the bar hurriedly because she knew that Nicholas Prescott was not a man who bluffed. Nick tugged the satin material of her panties to one side of her ass to expose Jessica’s tight slit, and he ran his left middle finger along it. She was wet, and he couldn’t help but ponder her dilemma for a moment. Clearly, she felt obligated to return to her husband because of duty, but she wanted to stay with Nicholas because of desire.

Well, right now she’s not going any fucking where because she’s going to take this cock, he decided for her in his own mind.

He curled the fingers of his right hand around his erect shaft and aligned himself with her slit, then pushed forward hard in one swift motion. With that one thrust, he was buried inside her to the hilt, and she cried out loudly. He didn’t even give her time to adjust before he started to pump into her pussy like a man possessed. Jessica gasped, struggled to hold the bar, and groaned as he pulled back on her hips. Nick drove himself into her moist heat with deep, reckless thrusts and released a growl when he felt her narrow passage envelop him just as tightly as always.

“Fuck! This pussy is always so damn tight, and it’s all mine, too. All fucking mine. Say it, Jessica!”

He thrashed into her without mercy. She screamed and said what he wanted to hear as her heels lifted off the floor while he banged her.

“It’s yours, Nick. Oh, my fucking god, it’s yours!”

Her words and screams were like good music to his ears as he reached up, yanked her right arm down from the bar, and pulled it behind her. He held it at the small of her back by the wrist and used his free hand to gather some of her hair. Using her wrist and hair like reigns, he made her arch back, and power fucked her pussy with all he had. Jessica whimpered, panted, and squirmed as the onslaught made her legs feel like jelly.

“Fuck, Nick! Oh my god, Nicholas!”

He roared, lifted a foot up to rest it on the bottom edge of the window, and used it for leverage to ravage her pussy with his throbbing shaft even more. He plunged in and out of her like a jackhammer going to work in concrete. The elation of exerting his power over her intoxicated him.

“Yes, say my fucking name, Jessica. All of it. Louder. Who is fucking you? Say it!”

Jessica’s heart pounded in her chest and blood roared in her ears as she felt his girth splitting her core continuously. Her bountiful tits bounced in her bra, and her ass jumped as he plowed. He grunted with knees bent, pushed upward, and dug deeper into her soaked slit.

“I said say my fucking name, Jessica. Now!”

Without thinking further, Jessica obeyed and shrieked it.

“Nicholas Joshua Prescott!”

He knocked into her viciously, released her wrist, and smacked her ass on one side and then the other. He ground his hips into her so that she could feel every inch of his manhood stir up her insides as primal territorialism entirely took over his rational mind.

Through gritted teeth, he commanded her, “Again!”

Jessica gasped hard, white-knuckled the guard bar across the window, and pushed back on his cock while she hollered his name in compliance.

“Nicholas Joshua Prescott! Nicholas Joshua Prescott!”

Exhilaration surged through Nick, fueling him to bottom out her snatch like he never had since their affair started.

“That’s precisely fucking right. It’s Nicholas Joshua Prescott fucking the pure hell out of you and I don’t give a damn who you are legally married to because you are mine and this is my pussy. Mine!”

He bellowed the words like a new mantra while she whimpered and nodded, but that was just not enough for him. Nicholas wanted more, he yanked her hair harder and smacked her ass again as he plummeted into the depths of her insides determined to hit her cervix. He didn’t even have to tell her what he wanted as she replied quickly in loud cries.

“Oh god, yes! Yes, you are right. It’s yours. My pussy is yours! I am yours. I swear it! Ugh, god, you are so fucking deep!”

A wicked grin came over Nick’s lips, he bucked into her immensely tight cavern and knew there was no way he wasn’t knocking against her womb. He felt her give hard pushbacks and his cock was as deep as it could possibly be inside her body. Her tight, wet sex swallowed up his length each time she rocked back to take every inch of his thick dick.

“Oh yeah, that’s right, push that plump ass back here and milk this cock with that tight luscious fucking cunt. Give me what belongs to me because if you are going to leave and go back to your husband, then I’m sending you back used. Completely fucking used, filled with my seed, and aching inside from what I’ve done to you! So you’ll always remember that you belong to me!”

Jessica was confounded by his words, but the dick felt too good to dwell on what he had said. The combination of his ruthless cock, the yanks on her hair, and his slaps to her ass provided a spectacular mix of pain and pleasure like she had never felt. She knew that she was headed for the best orgasm of her life and clenched around his cock with desperate need.

“Nick, shit! You are going to make me cum. Yes, yes! Oh! Oh!” Jessica cried out fully ready to climax.

Nick could tell that she was close, but he was not having it because he was in control, not her. With no warning, he pulled out of her abruptly, and she whipped her head around to look at him in stupefaction. Her slick sex instantly ached and missed the thick girth of his rod stretching her out.


“Turn around, face me, and then get on your knees,” he commanded.

The look on his face was notably serious, and he raised a dark eyebrow at her when she hesitated. Suddenly his hand came up, spun her around, and pushed her down.

“I said on your goddamn knees!” His tone was sharp and dictatorial.

Jessica didn’t know why but that thrilled her in ways she couldn’t ponder right then. Positioned on her knees, she looked up at him in anticipation and awaited his directives. His eyebrow was still arched, and he relished the sight of her knelt before him. He caressed her cheek and used the pad of his thumb to circle her full lips twice. Then stopped it just under her bottom lip and lowered her chin to open her mouth which formed a perfect O shape.

“You know what I want, Jess.”

Knowing full well what he wanted, she leaned forward to place her soft lips around the turgid head of his cock and used her tongue to swirl it around its hard ridge. He moaned the second those plush lips closed around him and his hips jutted forward to force more of his length between them. She gurgled as he glided over her tongue to fill her mouth with his large, pulsating member. It twitched as he watched her begin to suck down on him in earnest. She worked her mouth thoroughly, suckled at his stiff root, pulled it back deeper and deeper into her mouth until he hit tonsils.

“Ugh fuck, Jessica. Goddamn, baby. Oh, yeah. Swallow that cock. Just like that, woman. Oh, fucking hell!”

Nick urged her to continue while Jessica gagged momentarily until he grabbed her hair in the back of her head to hold it steady. She tensed but didn’t pull back; instead, she relaxed the back of her throat as he pushed beyond her gag reflex. Nick had never tried to make her swallow his entire dick before, but he was confident that Jessica had the capability, and he had the mind to see if his instincts were correct. He pushed forward and made her gag again, but he could see in her eyes that she wanted to please him, so he didn’t stop. Her light eyes grew wider, she grabbed his hips and held on as he guided himself forward until his balls were damn near on her chin.

He watched in awe as his eight and a quarter inches of dick disappeared into her mouth. He started to fuck her throat as she slurped him down with fervor. Her technique was much to his approval which evoked growls and moans so intense from him that his whole body shook. Jess moaned and hummed on his dick, and he could feel seed churning in his heavy balls. He didn’t want to cum just then, but her deep throat skills felt incredible, and he was dangerously close to the edge. If he had not stopped, he would have blown his load down her esophagus right then and there.

Nick sucked in a breath before he pulled his saliva coated dick free of her throat and mouth. He noticed that her pretty lips were all swollen and glistening before he helped her up to face him. Nick kissed her hard and reached around to open the hooks on her bra. Her full tits bounded out of the garment, and he pulled it down her arms to allow it to fall to the floor. While they kissed passionately, he started to caress and fondle her full breasts then tweaked her nipples.

Nick pulled away from their kiss, bent down, and sucked her left nipple into his mouth. He suckled at it hard which forced squeals from Jessica, and she placed her hands in his thick hair to tug it. His right hand trailed between her legs and rubbed her exposed slit. He massaged her clitoris in small circles until her knees went weak and she teetered in her pumps. Eventually, she kicked off her shoes and gasped when he plunged two fingers deep into her soaked entrance.

Nick switched breasts and hungrily sucked at the other nipple while double-finger fucking Jessica’s tight, needy slit. Her drenched inner core walls gripped and milked at his nimble digits, and he knew what she wanted. He could feel her trying to sneak in an orgasm, and before she could, he pulled them free of her, greedy hole.

“Oh fuck, Nick! Dammit!” She hissed at him and stomped her bare foot.

He squinted at her, “It has been established that this is my pussy which means you’ll cum when the fuck I say you will cum!”

Nick grabbed at her barely-there panties, ripped them completely off, and did something which stunned her. He took the scraps of satin and stuffed them into her mouth.

“Trust me, you’ll thank me later,” he told her and winked.

Her brows furrowed in puzzlement as he began to hoist her up.

“Wrap your legs around me and hold on tight,” he told her.

She immediately obeyed, and no sooner than she did, Nick thrust up, impaled her slit, then furiously moved her up and down on his rock-hard cock. She groaned and moaned at the feel of his thick shaft piercing her drenched channel all over again. His hands were on her ribcage to hold her steady as he fucked her right in front of the hotel window giving no thoughts to the possibility of them being spotted. Jessica clenched her sex around his shaft and leaned forward to wrap her arms around him. He felt her nails dig into the flesh along this spine and he hissed at the slight pain.

Jessica panted hard and gyrated on his cock in a wild frenzy, her sounds were muffled by the tattered material in her mouth which helped prevent the attendants at the call desk outside of their suite from being alerted. Nick smirked when her eyes crossed in what he understood was a response to how good his dick felt as it turned her out. He knew she was desperate to cum and finally, he allowed it.

“Cum! Right now. I want that soaked married pussy to cum all over my fucking cock. Now! Do it!”

Jessica would have let out an earth-shattering shrill if her mouth wasn’t occupied. She let go of Nick, reared back like a wild stallion and screamed, but the sound was quite garbled. Her body shook as if it was about to erupt, her eyes closed, and her inner thighs tightened around Nick’s sides. Her pussy spasmed hard and Nick used all his strength to pivot up with his hips to dagger her pussy over and over through her orgasm. She was shaking so violently that he had to grab her and pull her back to him when she started to flail against the window.

He exploited and prolonged her orgasm for as long as possible until she mewled and whimpered uncontrollably while her nectar drowned his cock and balls. He knew that she was sated when her forehead fell to his shoulder, and her body went limp. He rubbed her back and felt the last few spasms of her core subside as he began to carry her to the bed. Nicholas was not done with her, not by a long shot, but he knew she needed recovery time for what he had in mind next.

To be continued.

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