Claiming Another Man’s Wife-Part 2

Nicholas gently placed Jessica’s limp, naked frame on the right side of the king-sized bed, and walked around to the left. He climbed onto the mattress and carefully eased her on top of him. She tingled with sensitivity as he maneuvered her. Her body felt so spent that she couldn’t have moved without his assistance. What he’d done that night had left her disoriented in a dense haze like she was in an altered state of mind. All she could do was lie on top of him and receive his comfort because she certainly wasn’t capable of much else.

She felt him lean up slightly, reach for the crisp white sheet, and thick comforter to place over them. Once they were situated comfortably under the linens, she sighed in contentment feeling relieved sandwiched between Nick’s hard, defined muscle, and the cool, softness of the bedding. His broad hands had come to rest on her bare back, and he used his left to caress her.

“That’s right, baby. Just relax for now. Don’t think about anything because I’ve got you,” he said, soothingly.

He had blown her entire mind in a way that she had never experienced with anyone else, and he damn well knew it. Given, that’s how it was with Nicholas Prescott in general, everything was done to the highest degree of outstanding, and it was always, go big or go home. The way he had taken her that night was no exception, but it was different from any other time they had been intimate. Finally, she had told him what he had wanted to hear from her for so long, and despite the moral implications of her being another man’s wife, Nick had claimed her. It was like something had shifted in him, and unleashed a sexual narcissistic state of himself, whose sole purpose was to make the point that no man could genuinely possess her besides he, and he alone.

He had ravaged her like a beast right in front of their hotel suite window and pushed her body to an explosively powerful orgasm which had shattered her. It set every nerve ending in her body on fire until each one was figuratively fried. The way she had cum surprised even him, it inflated his ego and resolve. He completely wore her out and had proven the theory that someone could actually be fucked silly. Jessica was barely lucid and ached from being screwed practically unconscious for more than an hour. He didn’t give a damn that she was supposed to have left by then, she was in no condition to go anywhere.

Nick had relished every second of being able to wield his dominance over her. It turned him on like nothing else, and though he’d always been a dominant lover, something unique about Jessica heightened his alpha male psyche to another level. However, he loved her, viewed her submission as a gift, and his intention was never to seriously hurt her. Now, that he knew for sure that she loved him as well, there was no way he was giving her up regardless of the circumstances. Nicholas accepted that she had a husband, and that wasn’t a war he could win unless she decided to end her marriage, that had to be her own choice. However, Nick knew he had won a significant battle within himself.

His chin came to rest softly on her head and his nose brushed against her thick, tousled brown hair. The familiar scent of honeysuckle wafted into his nostrils, and he inhaled deeply filling his lungs with it. He loved the way she smelled and placed a kiss on top of her head. A faint smile turned up Jessica’s lips for a few seconds as she felt his kiss before the heaviness of sleep became just too difficult to fend off. A minute later, she had succumbed to it with her face nuzzled at the side of Nick’s neck. When he heard her gentle snore begin, he was satisfied.

Well, would you look at that, she’s fast asleep. I guess you’ll just have to fend for yourself without her for once, motherfucker.

His smug thought was of course directed at Jessica’s husband. He had called earlier to insist that she come home, and she would have gone if Nicholas hadn’t taken charge. The initiative wasn’t pre-planned, but it had all ended just how he wanted, with his woman in bed with him for the remainder of the night. Yes, his woman, and he didn’t feel any guilt about it because, in his mind, she was his regardless of any legal title which indicated otherwise. No one had ever been able to please her as he could and especially, not her husband. He had to give her credit because even though she had a poor excuse for a one, she never rationalized nor justified her affair with Nicholas.

Perhaps that was one of the main reasons why she had never told him that she loved him previously. Whatever the case, all that mattered to him was that her answers to his questions had unequivocally stopped his doubts. The bonus was that they would be together for their anniversary weekend which had been the plan from the beginning. Okay, so Nick didn’t have the title of husband, but as of that night, he was done being jealous of an idiot who obviously couldn’t compete with him on any level. When Jessica revealed her feelings for him candidly, it was like everything had clicked into place for Nicholas. As a result, changes were to come going forward, he’d see to it.

There was a role in her life for him, and soon that position would mean a lot more than either of them had bargained for when she started working at his company. He had things on his mind that he wanted to say and do to her, but they could wait because he was exhausted. Nicholas yawned, hugged Jessica tightly, and decided to get some much-needed rest. A pleased grin lingered on his face until he dozed.


During their sleep, they had shifted, and Jessica was on the left side of the bed facing away from Nicholas. He was snuggled in closely behind her with his arm draped around her waist and his face hidden in her long hair at the nape of her neck. The faint sound of a church bell rang and roused Jessica out of her slumber, but she didn’t get up or open her eyes. As the bell tolled on, she tried to ignore it, but the sound persisted. When a guitar started to play over the bell, her eyelids popped wide open. Then, she shot up like a lightning rod and kicked Nick in the leg by mistake. He stirred and woke up instantly.

“What in the holy fuck?” He cursed.

Jessica didn’t respond and reached out to the nightstand. Her fingers fumbled to grab her cellphone, and she was able to answer the call just before the lyrics to AC/DC’s Hells Bells started.

She swallowed and spoke into the phone, “Hello?”

Her husband’s voice came through sharply over the connection, “Jessi, where are you?”

She cringed at the use of his nickname for her because she hated it. She was okay with being called Jessica or Jess, but not Jessi. It was something she had told him several times during their marriage, but like most things, he didn’t seem to care about what she preferred.

After she cleared her throat, she responded, “Hi, Sean.”

Her voice sounded a bit hoarse, and she blushed a little as she recalled precisely why. Nicholas sat all the way up when she said her husband’s name and looked at her. She looked back with a silent plea for him to just be quiet. He rolled his eyes, then leaned in close to her, but didn’t really have to because he could hear Sean’s big mouth loud and clear.

“Really, Jessi? You told me that you’d be here within two hours and you are nowhere to be found. You haven’t sent a text nor called. I sent you six text messages and didn’t get any replies. I figured you were on the road, but it’s well after midnight. There is no way that you shouldn’t be here by now! So, what the hell happened?”

Nick leaned away from Jessica a bit and whispered, “Tell him that your boss was knee deep in your pussy and you just couldn’t manage to break free.”

He raised his arms, pumped his fists, and thrust up with his hips a few times. His face was distorted, as he nodded his head while he made the obscene gesture.

Her eyes widened, and she kicked him in the leg on purpose that time.

“Ouch!” Nick grumbled lowly, then fell on the bed, and rubbed his leg while she gave him a stern look.

Jessica coughed on purpose to distract from any background sounds that Sean may have heard and cleared her throat. After Nick recovered, he quietly edged back toward her.

Sean continued, “Jessi, what’s going on? Are you alright or what?”

This time, Jessica answered him, “Everything is fine, Sean. I lost track of time. I had a long day with work stuff, my boss had me doing some… uh, unexpected extra work. I was all set to leave within an hour after you called, but I got kind of sidetracked.”

Nick looked at her, grinned, and mouthed, “You mean fucked.”

Jessica gave him a death glare, and he winked at her. She tried to ignore Nick’s antics and refocused on her husband’s voice.

“What do you mean by sidetracked?”

Jessica’s focus was divided though as she watched Nicholas start to move around on the bed. She didn’t understand what he was doing and silently motioned for him to keep still. He shook his head and moved around on the bed anyway. She rolled her eyes and tried to get back into her phone conversation.

“I… umm…”

She hesitated when Nick drew the covers back, exposed her, and slowly spread her legs. Her head shook from side to side in objection, but Nick only smirked and pushed her legs further apart. She tried to slide them closed, but he kneeled between them and didn’t allow her to do so.

“Jessica, are you even listening to me, Jesus!”

Sean’s voice was full of irritation. She knew that she had better come up with something plausible. A dim corner lamp brightened part of the room, and she could see her surroundings reasonably well. She scanned the room as she tried to think of something to tell Sean and fast. Thankfully, her gaze landed on her Chanel purse still on the desk where she’d left it after being frustrated when she had tried to fit her wallet into it earlier.

Immediately, a lie came to her, “My wallet… I lost my wallet.”

She turned her head back to Nick and shrugged.

He gave her the thumbs up signal and whispered, “Good one!”

She tried not to giggle at his ridiculousness. He placed his hands on her thighs, looked down, and licked his lips as he eyed her clean-shaven slit. He knew her pussy was probably still damp as the aroma of sex between her thighs pervaded his olfactory system.

“Oh, okay. Well, did you find it?” Sean asked.

Nick rubbed higher along Jessica’s inner thighs feeling her silky skin under his hands. She cleared her throat and got his attention to tell him to knock it off, but when he looked up, there was a defiant look in his blue gaze. Jessica’s felt like her heart had jumped into her throat because it was evident to her what that look meant. There was a desperate hope that Nick was feeling charitable enough to control himself for the time being. He knew damn well that she was on the phone with the last person on earth who needed to find out that Nicholas Prescott was inside her hotel room at that time of night.

Sean could not stand him and viewed him as nothing more than a spoiled, wealthy playboy, who was a total asshole. Ironically, some of that had been accurate at one time, and maybe some of it was still true. Nicholas was not spoiled per se, but he was used to getting what he wanted by taking an unexpected approach which compelled others to see things his way, and sometimes it was the sheer will of his relentlessness. He was indeed incredibly rich, had been a playboy before his affair with Jessica began, and sure, he could be an asshole from time to time. She knew that Sean, like everyone else, thought that Nicholas was still a philanderer. To keep things looking normal, he had made it a point to be seen publicly with other women. There was never any sex involved with them, but Jessica had suggested that he maintain friendships with a few women to give the continued appearance of a ladies’ man.

“Jessica, did you find it?” Sean’s voice was louder and more impatient.

Right as Jessica opened her mouth to answer, she felt the pad of Nick’s thumb touch the hood of her clitoris, and her response came out with loud yelp.


She flushed all over and grimaced in embarrassment. Nick chuckled and strummed her with his thumb as if he couldn’t care less that her husband was on the phone. In actuality, there wasn’t any intention on Nick’s part to get her into any more hot water with her husband, but the whole thing amused him. In Nick’s mind, he was just having a little fun and teasing Jessica. Moreover, it wasn’t like Sean could see them and Jessica was not the kind of woman that anyone would suspect cheated on anything, let alone her husband. A squeal was barely stifled when Nick pushed the hood of her clit back, pressed his thumb right on the little button, and massaged it.

Sean’s voice began again, “Jesus, Jessi, that was my ear. Ugh. Anyway, since you found the wallet, I guess you are in a cab or did your boss set you up with a ride? About how far are you from home now?”

Jessica’s mouth suddenly felt dry, and she managed a hard swallow before she gave a response.

“Sorry. Uh, I um… I haven’t exactly left yet. I was…um… um… j-just tying up some l-lose ends here be… be-because I didn’t want to leave my b-b-boss in a… a lurch, y-y-ou know?”

Nick almost laughed entirely out loud as he listened to Jessica stutter over words and each time she did, he’d give her a stroke across that tiny, swollen bundle of nerves just to make her flinch.

Sean swore and Nick could hear him curse through the phone.

“Jessica, goddammit! You’ve got to be shitting me. You were supposed to be back here hours ago! Did you tell your boss that you had an emergency at home and needed to leave?”

Nick continued to stimulate her clit, leaned forward on his knees, and placed soft, hot kisses over her collar bone. His fingers started to massage all of her sex as she gripped her iPhone tighter.

“I to-told him. Yes, of course, S-sean but, it… it wasn’t an emergency. It… it’s j-just a stuffy n-nose.”

Sean moaned, “Look, if I call you and tell you to come home, it’s automatically an emergency. If the Prescott prick knows that you have a sick kid at home, why in the world would he hold you up? With all that money he has, he could have put you up in a private car and sent you home immediately. That prick’s sense of entitlement is unreal. Oh, and let me guess, he’s been off somewhere with one of his whores while you had to do everything. I don’t like the way he works you!”

The Prescott prick in question, looked up, locked eyes with her and murmured, “Nope, just his wife, and if he knew how I really worked her, he’d like it a lot less.”

Jessica stiffened, the color drained from her face, and she blinked several times as if he had totally lost his mind. Sean went on with complaint after complaint while Nick kissed down her breasts, licked her nipples, and nearly made her gasp aloud a few times as he nipped at them with his teeth. Luckily, biting her lip until it hurt helped her concentrate on an answer.

“I’m sorry, okay. Time just got away from me with work and the misplaced wallet. Plus, I sat down for a minute after I found the wallet and must have dozed off. Things are fine with me but more importantly, how is Mikey?”

She was relieved that she was able to complete a few sentences without sounding like a complete idiot.

Sean sucked his teeth and huffed, “He’s asleep now thanks to me. So is Liv. She fell asleep with no trouble as usual.”

Kisses trailed down her body, and Nick’s strong hand eased her back against the thick, fluffy pillow behind her. Her eyes went wide as he lowered her to the bed and hovered.

He leaned down and whispered into her free ear, “Mmm. I want to stick my tongue right inside your pussy and taste it. Your slit is still wet.”

Her eyebrows shot up, her pulse raced, and she felt paralyzed in fear that if she reacted too much that it would give her away to Sean. All she could do was watch as Nicholas eased himself onto his stomach between her legs. He raised each one to place them on his shoulders and rubbed his hands on her outer thighs as he dipped his head. Lips met lips and his planted lingered kisses all over hers. Her legs trembled, and she fought back the urge to pant or whimper because what he was doing was just what she needed to soothe some of the aches between her thighs.

“Oh, that’s so, so good,” Jessica stated in a low, drawn-out husky tone.

Sean paused a beat before he replied, “Um… well, yeah. It is good. Are you alright?”

Jessica gulped as Nick’s tongue flicked over her clit and circled there several times before he covered it with his lips to suck.

“Oh! Yes! Yes… um, I am fine!” Jessica’s voice suddenly went up an octave, and she knew that she must truly sound like an idiot to Sean.

Nick kept right on without care besides the way he ate her out. She reached down and fisted the bed sheet next to her in one hand and held onto it as her pussy pulsed.

“You sound weird. Anyway, since you never arrived, I had to take matters into my own hands. I went to the drugstore and bought some of that Children’s Benadryl. I gave him half a dose of it, and within thirty minutes he said his nose felt less stuffy, but that he was tired. I gave him a warm sponge bath and put him to bed. He went fast asleep, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be out for the rest of the night with that stuff in his system. Look, are you coming or what?”

Nick was still able to hear Sean and paused. He tilted his head and replied, “Not yet but trust me she will.”

Jessica started fast-talking to drown out Nick’s voice. He went back to lapping at her which sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body. She tugged on the sheet in her hand and shuddered.

“I uh… I’m pretty tu-tuckered out. If he’s… um, asleep… and th-things are… um, um okay, I’d like to just st-stay here for th-the night.”

She fidgetted, and her body twitched when Nick used just the tip of his tongue to circle it around her entrance, but he seized her legs and made her stay still.

“Alright, Jessi. Well, then maybe it’s best if you just stay there for the night. You don’t sound right, and I think you need to just sleep. But next time make it clear to your boss that if you need to leave, then you need to leave, it’s that fucking simple. I realize he doesn’t get the concept of being married with kids. He being the childless, womanizing bastard that he is; however, you have a family! But hey, what does an asshole like him care? He’s featured in some tabloid rag or on a gossip blog just about every couple of months, more for who he’s screwing than his business deals. His brother probably does most of the real work. How are they even from the same parents? Guys like Nicholas Prescott make me sick because…”

His words trailed off as she tuned him out some because Sean could go off on long tangents to critique another’s life and she knew from experience it was best to let him ramble on a bit. Nick’s tongue launched inside her pussy and flicked along her slippery inner walls. The fact that his tongue was embedded in her slit while her husband berated him on the phone gave Nick a perversely malicious thrill, and strangely, the fear heightened Jessica’s arousal. He reversed his tongue and dragged a long-drawn lick from the bottom to the top while she quaked. It took a lot for her not to cry out, she couldn’t help but pant a little, and she turned her mouth from the phone when she did. Sean didn’t notice as he continued his rant and she was grateful for that much.

Nick moved his arm and gently shrugged her left leg from his shoulder. The shapely limb fell to the bed, and she was spread wider for him. His cock was stiff, pulsated against the cotton sheets under him, and Nick had to be inside her. He hauled his body up and Jessica went into panic mode when she saw him move upward. It was apparent to her that she needed to end the call as soon as possible.

“Um, Sean. I’m tired. You think we can continue this conversation tomorrow when I get home, please?”

She spoke hastily, and there was a strong emphasis on the word, “please,” which was more of a prayer than anything.

Her eyes rose up to meet Nick’s gaze as he was poised over her, his shaft in hand, and ready to sink inside her.

“Yeah, I guess. Oh, by the way, I have a job interview on Wednesday. So, we’ll have to get Tracy to watch the kids for a few hours in the morning, okay?”

Just as Sean concluded his sentence, Nick inched himself inside Jessica’s wet slit until he was balls deep. He concealed his face in her neck and groaned against it which was positively loud enough for Sean to hear it.

“Fine! If you don’t want Tracy to watch the kids, I’ll ask my mom,” Sean snapped.

“What? Huh? What are… uhh… ahh… ohh.”

All Jessica could do was make some noises while Nick’s thick manhood split her sex. Her pussy throbbed as it wrapped around his manhood, but his thick cock stroked all those little tense spots along her inner walls just right. He placed his mouth to the pulse at the side of her neck and sucked there while he deep dicked her.

“I said Tracy, and then you groaned at the mention of her name. I thought you liked her. If you don’t want her to watch the kids, just say so,” Sean insisted.

She swallowed carefully as Nick eased his hands under her and gripped her ass to lift her up to him. He strained his hips forward and her sex clenched as he began to leisurely fuck her.

Jessica closed her eyes and replied weakly, “Tr-tra-acy is… she…she can watch… them. It’s o-okay. Uh huh.”

Sean hesitated a moment, “Okay, great. Go to sleep Jessi, you are clearly exhausted because you’re slurring your speech and you just sound really out of it right now. It is so damn late, and I’m tired too. Try to be home tomorrow night before the kids’ bedtime. Goodnight.”

The phone call disconnected almost concurrently with Jessica’s whimper. Nick dug his fingers into her ass cheeks and pumped deep. The phone fell out of her hand and slid down to the pillow on the other side of the bed.

Nick raised his head and stared into her eyes, “Hells bells, I thought he’d never shut up so this childless, womanizing bastard can fuck his wife again in peace. Man, talk about a sense of entitlement!”

Jessica’s mouth dropped open to state something, but Nick kissed her with a smirk on his face before she could.


His tongue invaded her mouth and swirled around hers. She tasted her essence on his lips and shivered all over when he picked up the pace with his thrusts. Nick tugged his hands from under her bottom and seized her wrists. He mounted them above her head and broke their kiss.

He stared down at her, “You knew I wasn’t going to stop while you were talking to him, didn’t you?”

Jessica gulped and responded breathlessly, “You are out of your mind. I-I can… cannot believe you d-d-did that—”

Nick dropped his hips lower to get deeper. She moaned and writhed under him.

“Did what?”

He knew exactly what she was going to say, but he savored how she struggled to speak as he burrowed into her center. He tightened his hold on her slender wrists and forced them more firmly against the pillow.

“Tell me. Did what?”

Jessica struggled to answer him, “Wh-wh-while I was on th-the… You, you… oh! Oh, fuck, Nick!”

Each time she finished a word, he reared back, pulled his cock halfway out of her, and then shoved it back inside all the way to the base. He loved the power he had over her as she took his dick.

“Can’t get it out, Jess? What? You cannot believe that I spread your legs, licked out your pussy, and stuck my dick inside you all while you were on the phone? Is that what you are attempting to say?”

His words seemed so scandalous and outrageous to her that her face burned as blood rose to the surface of her skin. She couldn’t do anything besides whimper and nod. Nick raised his left brow, and a wry grin came to rest on his face for a few seconds.

“Let’s see… Well, considering that you told me that you love me, and we established earlier that this pussy is mine, plus I am your boss, then I think that means I can put my tongue or cock inside you whenever the hell I want. So, I naturally took what was mine while you were on the phone with… your husband.”

His tone on the final two words was dismissive, to say the least. Jessica was left dumbfounded and only mewled which was the best she could do.

He grinned and continued, “Oh, and I’d say with the way you are taking this dick right now tells me that you fully understand that whatever the boss wants, he gets.”

Jessica couldn’t believe her ears, but he was right, and deep inside she knew it. Before Nicholas, she never would have considered herself as having a sexually submissive nature because sex with Sean had always been quite clinical. She had only slept with three men in her life, and that total included Nicholas. Her other encounter was when she lost her virginity at seventeen to a college freshman guy, and back then she had no real idea how to define her sexual interests. With Nick, she knew from the first time that they had sex that she loved relinquishing to him even though she had never given it any thought to label it. That was just the way of things in their sex life, Nick conquered and she surrendered.

As dominant as he was, he always made sure that she was gratified thoroughly. He had a way with bedroom talk that made her blush frequently, but he’d never said anything that resembled what he had that night. It astonished her, but she’d wanted him more than ever and didn’t want him to stop. She knew that what he said and what they were doing was insane, but the fact that it turned her on so much seemed even crazier.

This is so damn wrong. Just wrong and reckless. Oh, but god, help me, the way he makes me feel is so fucking addictive, she thought.

“Come here,” Nick said.

He freed her wrists, rotated onto his back, guided her on top of him, and managed to keep his cock lodged in place. Jessica gasped as she found herself mounted on his hips.

“Mmm. Yeah, sit up high. Let me see those tits,” Nicholas commanded.

It was like her mind was being reprogrammed as she did what he said and sat up high on him. Nick stretched his large hands up, grabbed at her ample, soft breasts and swept his thumbs over her taut nipples. He swiveled his hips and made a delicious ripple of delight zoom through Jessica’s body. Her drenched sheath tensed around his cock as he flexed it, and she moaned hard.

“Ride me. I want to watch you taking this dick from the top, Jessica.”

He rocked his hips up to prod her along. She responded promptly and began to lift on his cock. Her snug, silky canal took the brunt of his root as she rode it as instructed. Jessica clamped her inner walls around him and milked his throbbing dick, while she undulated her hips.

“Goddamn, how the fuck you manage to keep this pussy damn near virgin tight is unreal!”

Jessica began to bounce up and down, then gave him an answer.

“K-ke-kegel exercises,” she rasped.

Nick’s hands floated from her breasts to her hips, and he bucked his own faster. He wanted her to make him cum this time.

“Ah, shit…well fuck, then! Keep doing kegels because ugh, Jesus fucking God, Christ in heaven, I love your fucking pussy! Now ride this dick with it as if your livelihood depends on it so, I can shoot this load into that tight, married fucking snatch!”

His words surprised her again, but Jessica did as she was told, and rode him with great enthusiasm. She tilted forward, placed her hands on his chest, and seated her core down on his cock all the way. Jessica lifted her body weight as much as she could on her hands and then gyrated on Nick’s cock ferociously with no reservations. She clutched her slit so tightly that his eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a very deep, rumbling groan. Her nails dug into his chest, and his fingers pressed harder into her hips as she viciously speared herself on his erection. Jessica heaved, pushed, and jerked in a wanton frenzy of lust for several minutes.

“Oh… shit. You are going to make me… ah… fucking cum, Jessica!”

Nick’s voice was practically a snarl, but Jessica couldn’t keep it up for much longer, and a leg cramp threatened to derail her. Before it could, she pulled up hard on his cock, gasped, and let it slide out of her. He hissed and shuddered as his cock twitched in mid-air.

Nick yelled, “What the fuck are you doing? Ride me! Ugh… shit. Dammit, woman! Come here!”

He went to grab for her, but she pulled back, “I can’t anymore. I… please, just take me from behind!”

She didn’t have to ask him twice, he was up, and roughly, shoved her upper body down on the bed. Her face hit the pillow, her ass was up in the air, and Nick was on his knees behind her in mere seconds. He gripped both sides of her ass cheeks and slammed his deprived dick back into her mercilessly. She let out a blood-curdling squeal and held the pillow. He smacked her ass on both cheeks and crashed into her with his hips.

“Now, you are going to pay for insubordination. I’m going to make that tight, little, cheating slit of yours learn to obey what the fuck I say.”

Without another word, he started to draw his unrelenting cock in and out of her. He slid his hands up to the midpoint of her back and leaned himself forward over her slightly, then bore down to plunge into her tunnel like a freight train. She pushed her face into the pillow and screamed as the intensity made her bones shake. Nick gathered her long hair, twisted his wrist twice to wrap the long length around his right hand, and gave it a tug. It made her head lift off the pillow, her neck craned backward, and she felt her knees getting weak.

“Oh god! Ahhh! Nich… o …las!”

She exclaimed in desperation, and her screams were a crescendo of erratic trills. Nicholas didn’t mind if the stewards heard them at the desk outside of their suite, but he didn’t think Jessica really wanted anyone to listen. So, he reached around, clamped his free hand on her mouth, and hammered his cock into her body until her knees completely gave out. She slipped down onto her abdomen and took what he gave her in full submission because what on earth else could she do? Her hands trembled as she clutched the pillow. Nick eased down onto her and used his knees to open her legs wider. Her shoved every inch of his cock into her opening and pulverized it with remorseless aggression while she cried out against his palm.

Nick wasn’t an evil man, but he didn’t like to be defied, and he had every mind to make even Jessica pay for her violations. Using her hair that was still wrapped around his wrist, he twisted her head to face him and propelled her cheek down on the pillow by guiding her with his hand over her mouth.

Still giving her copious amounts of dick, he placed his lips flush with her ear and whispered, “Now, the next fucking time that I tell you to ride me, you better humbly oblige until I’m satisfied. I not your fucking husband, but I am your boss. When you are with me like this, you do as I say, when I say, period. Do we understand each other, Jessica?”

His hot breath grazed along her ear, and his low, deep tone of voice made her feel just as vulnerable as him fucking her all the way down into the mattress had. He knew that she couldn’t reply with his hand over his mouth.

“Just nod if you understand me,” he continued.

Jessica whimpered and nodded her head vigorously.

“Good, glad we cleared that up. I’m going to take my hand off your mouth, but a reminder first. The stewards are just outside this suite at the call desk, and you are awfully loud, Mrs. Knight. Now I don’t particularly give a fuck who hears us, but… uh, you might.”

With that, he took his hand away, and she put her face into the pillow, then screeched. Nick slipped his free hand under her, palmed her left breast and sawed into her cavern in short, steady motions. Jessica’s pussy was so wet that he was able to glide back and forth inside her like a hot knife through butter.

“Oh, and just for record sake, I don’t give a fuck what your husband thinks of me. He can say whatever he wants and I’m just going to keep nailing his wife whenever I want. I’ll stick my tongue, fingers, and dick in every hole they can fit in on your body. I will fill your beautiful mouth, your tight pussy, and that sexy heart-shaped ass with my seed at my discretion. Then, you can go back to him used, filled, and smelling just like me on the inside. He’s your husband, and you say you can’t just leave him, okay. Fine, but if my role is being your entitled, prick of a boss then I’m going to play that role for everything it’s worth from now on when we fuck because I don’t share well, and I don’t play nicely.”

He jerked his hips forward to punctuate his commentary. There was no need because she had heard every single word that he said into her ear and fully understood him, she was just too flabbergasted to respond. Then, all at once, her orgasm caught her off guard, and the synapses in her brain fired so rapidly that she froze at the first spasm in her pussy. Another hit and she cried out so hard that tears sprang to her eyes as her body began to tremble under him.

“Yes, that’s it… there you go. Mmm. Give it to me. Let it out. Cum all over the boss’s dick, baby.”

Nick felt Jessica’s sex contract repeatedly around his cock as she panted, whimpered, and squealed. She kicked her legs, but he didn’t stop. Instead, he altered his pace while he unraveled her hair from his hand.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, m-my fu-fu-fucking, god! N-nick, pl-please. I’m… I’m d-done. C-can’t.”

Jessica’s voice was even huskier at that point, and Nick thought she sounded quite sexy like, Kathleen Turner did in the 80s. He knew she couldn’t handle anymore, stopped himself, and allowed her to calm down. She shook with aftershocks as Nicholas placed delicate kisses along the side of her face and around the edge of her ear.

“You are mine, Mrs. Jessica Knight. I did that to you and for you. No one can do what I can for you. Not your husband, not any other man, me and only me. I am your boss,” he whispered.

Jessica listened in silence as her heart rate returned to normal, and when he finished, she nodded in docility. Nick smoothed his hand over her hair and lifted it off her neck, then flipped it up over her head onto the pillow. She was completely spent again, and he knew that she needed some tenderness. He worked his way down to kiss her neck, shoulders, and along her spine. Then repeated the process from the bottom and sat up to straddle right below her ass.

A full body massage seemed like a good idea to him, and he began to gently work his fingers into the tired muscles in her back first. Jessica sighed because it felt wonderful. He massaged her all over her body until she fell into a deep, tranquil sleep. Nick glanced over at the small clock on the right nightstand and observed that it was after 3 o’clock in the morning. A thought occurred to him, and he raised his eyebrow as he remembered how Jessica had pulled off his cock before he could cum.

Well, she owes me, and I’ll collect on that debt in the morning, he decided to himself.

He reached over to the other nightstand, picked up Jessica’s phone, and shut it off. He knew that Sean would probably text or call at the crack of dawn with some other stupid grievance and he didn’t want Jessica’s rest nor his interrupted. They’d get the fuck up whenever they did, and he’d make sure she was home before the kids’ bedtime. While he loved that they got to spend their anniversary weekend together, he knew that he had to be realistic as well. Once the phone was replaced on the nightstand, he curled up next to her and adjusted them into the spooning position. Nick slept for the next five hours more peacefully than he had in years.

To be continued. 

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