Claiming Another Man’s Wife-Part 3


Sunday at 8:15 a.m.

Over five hours ago, Nicholas had turned off Jessica’s phone but had forgotten to turn off his own. His brother had called him at 8 a.m. just as he was getting out of the shower while Jessica was still asleep. Nicholas quickly toweled off, grabbed his clothes, and headed downstairs to talk without disturbing her. After the night they had, he wanted to let her rest for as long as possible.

Nick stood in the middle of the sitting room of his penthouse hotel suite while he dressed and listened through his Bluetooth earpiece to his younger brother’s lecture. After he put on a pair of black boxer briefs, he slipped his long legs into his favorite black Gucci jersey pants and pulled the matching light-weight designer jacket over his bare chest. He zipped it halfway, then picked up his cellphone from the smoke-colored glass table where he had placed it earlier and slipped it into the left pocket.

“I am not judging you or Jess, for that matter. However, you simply vanished giving no indication of where you are; I had to bribe Jalen to tell me everything. You cannot just disappear like that because I need to know your location at all times, period.”

“Eric, on Wednesday I mentioned to you that I’d probably be busy. You know what this weekend is for us,” Nicholas said, gently.

He sat down on the edge of the sofa to put on ankle socks and vintage Converse sneakers as Eric explained his concerns about not being able to get in touch with him at a moment’s notice. They were usually in contact several times a day as they were extraordinarily close. So, it was not abnormal for Eric to be alarmed if he hadn’t heard from Nicholas.

“I’m aware of the calendar date, Nicky. To me, being busy didn’t mean that you were going to poof with no word. I have texted and called several times since Friday night. You didn’t return anything, and I’ve been going a little stir crazy. I need to know where you are just in case anything unexpected were to happen and not being able to get in touch with you is a problem.”

His brother’s tone was not one of anger but real concern. Nicholas knew that his brother meant well, and he realized that he should have provided information about his plans, but sometimes he felt that Eric’s constant need to know every little detail about his actions were overkill. Given, there was a genuine understanding of why and he couldn’t get upset with his brother solely because he was concerned. Most people would be grateful to have a brother like Eric.

“You are right. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal since Jalen knew where I was for the weekend, but I should have let you know directly. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you.”

Eric sighed heavily, “I would appreciate some precise information concerning your whereabouts if you are going to be unavailable by phone, that’s all. Well, at least I know exactly where you are now, thank God. You aren’t lying in a ditch anywhere; you are at a luxury hotel safe and sound. Oh, I took the liberty of ordering breakfast for you both. It should be there within the hour. However, I wouldn’t have had to call so early if I had known a location sooner, but since no one bothered—”

Nicholas cut in, “She loves me.”

Eric paused for a moment. “Excuse me?”

“Last night Jess told me that she is in love with me. It’s a long story, and I’ll let you know all the details tomorrow, I promise. But she fucking said it, man. Finally!”

Eric tried to summon the enthusiasm that he didn’t feel, “Wow. Congratulations, my brother. It sounds like your anniversary went well.”

Nicholas was known to most people as someone who wasn’t sentimental about romance or love, and his public persona magnified that perception. Eric never pointed it out but knew the truth; his brother was especially sensitive and very sentimental, despite his public persona. In private, Nicholas was unabashedly honest about everything with Eric and relied on him heavily for support as he wasn’t open with others for reasons that only they understood. Eric knew that his brother was very much in love with Jessica and that she had not told Nicholas that she loved him in the two years they had been involved, which played on old feelings of abandonment and rejection.

They had discussed it in depth when Nicholas complained about the lack of quality time they spent together and her avoidance of labeling what they were to each other. He could see the emotional toll that it was taking on Nicholas and Eric didn’t like it. There was no doubt in Eric’s mind of how much power Jessica Knight held with the potential to hurt his brother and their brand. Over the last two years, Eric Prescott had done some things that he was not proud of to keep the affair a secret for that very reason.

There were great measures he had gone to for the sake of preventing a public scandal, most of which he had not disclosed to Nick or Jessica. He hoped that Jessica would come to her senses and end the affair because he knew Nick was in too deep to let go without it being done for him.

A severance package, a non-disclosure agreement, and a friend who owed Eric a favor had a job to offer Jessica. It had all been pre-arranged, the transition would be seamless, and he’d help his brother through the emotional part as he did with everything else. So far, things hadn’t worked out that way and Jessica still had her hooks in his brother, which meant that Eric felt he needed to stand in as gatekeeper if the two of them were going to continue to be reckless.

“Thank you very much, sir! I’m on cloud nine. Even her husband’s bullshit couldn’t ruin it. She said that I am the love of her life! So, before you even go there, I had an epiphany last night.”

“Oh?” Eric asked, “An epiphany about what exactly?”


Nicholas walked out to the terrace for some fresh air. The sun was beaming brightly, birds tweeted harmoniously, and the bustle of the city below was the kind of day that Nicholas loved. He was looking forward to it being an enjoyable Sunday because he had surprise plans for Jessica to conclude their anniversary weekend. He sat down in one of the cushioned, wrought iron chairs and crossed his legs.

“Look, we both know that I’ve been a dick for the last couple of weeks because I wasn’t sure if she wanted this anymore. What she said last night though, changed things for me, Eric. I know that being with a married woman isn’t ideal, but now I have the confirmation that I needed that this hasn’t all been a waste for two years of my life. I’ve never felt like this about anyone. I love her, I want her, and I won’t let her go. I know what you think, but I just… I can’t.”

Eric could hear the emotion in Nick ‘s voice, and he couldn’t begrudge anyone for wanting to be with the one they loved, but it wasn’t without trepidation in his brother’s case. Even though he had managed many things behind the scenes to protect them, sometimes affairs were exposed in a way that couldn’t always be predicted. They tended to cause fallout in ways that the people engaged in them hadn’t fathomed possible, and he wasn’t so sure that Nicholas had given that fact the credence that it deserved.

Those things aside, Eric would fight tooth and nail for his brother without mercy if it came right down to it. While he didn’t have Nick’s public demeanor, Eric Prescott was not someone whom you wanted to cross, primarily when it came to his brother.

“Hey, I wasn’t going to give you any hassle about that, Nicky, I know you love her and want to be with her. I’ve accepted it. Look, I’ve said my peace for today but protecting you first and foremost is my sworn duty, remember?”

Nick knew his brother’s reference was about the promise that Eric made when they were ten and twelve. Their parents had just told them that they were getting a divorce and they were devastated when their father also announced he’d be moving out of the family home that night. Nicholas had taken it the hardest and had bouts with depression off and on in his teens. He felt as if their father had abandoned them on some level, there was resentment, and it strained their relationship considerably for years. During that time, Eric had promised Nick that he’d always be the one person who would never let him down, never abandon him, and protect him no matter the circumstance.

There were several occurrences throughout their lives where Eric needed to step in and protect his brother because Nicholas had a habit of making decisions based on his feelings and instincts rather than pertinent facts. In many instances, it worked out remarkably for him because Nicholas had great instincts. However, when those instincts were wrong, Eric always stepped in to minimize the fallout, and sometimes he stepped in beforehand.

The first time he had to protect his brother concerning a woman was when they were in their twenties, and Nicholas was engaged to Lauren Smythe. She was a manipulative young lady, whom Eric saw through right away, but his brother couldn’t see it for himself. Fortunately, the relationship ended because Eric made sure that is precisely what happened, and Lauren paid dearly for her transgressions.

He understood that the breakup would devastate Nicholas, but he felt that his brother would be hurt a lot more in the long run if he married a woman like her. Nicholas never learned why Lauren had ended things so abruptly as Eric always thought it best to keep matters of that nature from him. In his opinion, he had to run interference without stifling Nicholas’ character which meant sometimes; he had to play dirty behind the scenes, very dirty. That resolve had been put to the test two weeks prior to Jess and Nick’s anniversary, and it was something that Eric had handled privately.

“Yeah, I remember and you’ve never broken that promise. I know you’ve been worried but your big brother is fine. So, relax and stop driving yourself nuts. Now, tell me, how are Carolyn and my favorite nephews?

Eric grinned at the mention of his wife and sons, “Well, Carolyn is off this morning bright and early to buy some items for her sister’s baby shower. Joshua and Jude are still fast asleep after an all-nighter of PlayStation 4, pizza, and ice cream.”

Nick chuckled, and the two brothers got lost in conversation about the kids, a few business investments, and the surprise Nicholas had arranged for Jessica later in the day.

After about twenty minutes, the penthouse buzzer alerted Nick.

“Eric, I need to go, my brother. Pretty sure this is room service with the food, okay?”

Nicholas stood up and walked back inside the sitting room.

“Oh okay, Nicky. Enjoy breakfast. Tell Jess that I send my good wishes.”

“Will do. Hug the family and send my love,” Nick said.

“When he was just about to hang up, Eric stopped him, “Nicky—”

Eric paused a moment, then said, “I’ll always look out for you. There is nothing that I won’t do to protect you. Nothing. I love you. Happy anniversary.”

Nick froze. There was something very unsettling in the tone of his brother’s voice, and it gave him a chill.


The call was disconnected before he could finish his sentence. Nicholas had a mind to call right back, but the penthouse buzzer sounded again, and instead, he went to answer the door.


A cheery young man in a hotel uniform greeted him and wheeled a large, glass cart with sterling silver plates, matching utensils, and embroidered linen napkins on two shelves into the suite. The aroma of French vanilla coffee and the hot gourmet breakfast smelled divine to Nick. After he had shown the attendant where they would be eating and slipped him a C-note, Nick requested that he see himself out after he completed his work. The attendant didn’t look at the tip, slid it into his uniform pants pocket, and thanked him for his generosity.

Nick sprinted up the penthouse staircase to the upper level to wake up Jessica. When he entered the room, he noticed that she wasn’t in bed. He was just about to call out when he heard her out on the balcony.

“Mommy will be home tonight, sweetie. I will tuck you in this time, and I’m happy that you’re feeling much better today. Yes, I will bring you something back.”

Nicholas didn’t go outside but stood in silence and listened.

“Oh, Olivia wants a puppy, huh? Something tells me that you are the one who wants a puppy. Yeah, I bet. I don’t know about a puppy, but I promise to bring you both back goodies, okay?  Yes, I love you too, sweetheart. Oh, Daddy wants to talk to me? Okay. No, I won’t hang up, I’ll wait.”

Nick walked closer to the open balcony doors but didn’t go outside. When Jessica spoke again, her tone had changed considerably.

“Um, yeah. I’ll be home before Mikey and Livy’s bedtime.  I understand, yes. Okay, yes, I got it. No, it won’t happen again. I know, yes. It’s my fault. I fucked up, and I’m sorry.”

Immediately, Nicholas tensed.

“Yes, of course, I care that you have the interview, Sean. That’s absurd. Why wouldn’t I want you to get the job? It sounds like an excellent opportunity for you. I was just tired last night is all,” Jessica said.

Nick peered outside and saw that Jessica had her back turned. She was wearing an oversized white hotel robe, had her phone to her ear, and paced in the same small area several times.

There were about twenty seconds of silence until she abruptly stopped in the middle of the balcony and raised her voice, “Alright, Sean. I said, alright! It won’t happen again. Jesus!”

There was a pause, and he heard Jessica conclude the call, “Fine. I’ll just see you tonight. Yeah, bye.”

She whipped around in a huff, and they locked eyes as Nicholas stepped out onto the balcony. Jessica looked down at her feet and slipped her phone into the pocket of the robe. It was evident that she felt a little embarrassed when her face flushed. He walked over, put his arms around her, and didn’t say a word. Jessica wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned into his chest. They stood like that for a few minutes in complete silence.

When she finally looked up, Nicholas peered directly into her eyes with concern.

Jessica asked, “Ok, so, how much of that did you hear?”

“Enough to know your son wants a puppy, he’s probably not getting one, and that you’ll be in deep shit if I don’t get you back before the kids’ bedtime.”

She grimaced, “Yeah. There are no exceptions this time.”

“I know, love. You will be home in time to tuck them into bed, I promise. Oh, speaking of younger brothers, mine had breakfast delivered to our suite and wished us a happy anniversary.”

She smiled faintly. “Oh, that was sweet of Eric.”

Nick raised his hands and placed them on her cheeks to cradle her face. Jessica closed her eyes and he could tell that she was still a little worked up from the phone call. Sean always seemed to have that effect on her, but Nick wasn’t going to allow that to ruin their last day together. He leaned in and gave her a lingering kiss on the lips.

“Mmm. You smell and taste delicious,” Nicholas moaned softly. “You’ve already showered. Have you been up for a while?”

Jessica slowly opened her eyes. “Yeah. When I woke up, you were gone, and so was your phone. Figured you had a business call and I decided to take my shower and call the kids. I came out here for a little fresh air.”

Nick smirked. “Surprised you can even walk,” he teased.

Jessica giggled. “I can walk just fine, thank you very much. Okay, I sort of staggered a bit at first, but I think the massage last night helped. The shower helped a lot as well. I feel pretty good.”

Nick chuckled and gave her a wink. “Excellent. So, the kids are okay?”

“Yes, Mikey is fine. He simply had a stuffy nose and is running around the house like a maniac driving Olivia nuts. Trust me, they are fine.”

Nick laughed and shook his head. “Yeah, little brothers will do that sometimes,” he said.

“Well, now that we know all little brothers are fine, let’s get you back inside because you still have work to do on this business trip.”

He swooped her up in his arms, walked inside, and carried her over to the bed.

“Work? What kind of work do I have to do?” Jessica asked.

Nick placed her down gently on the bed and leaned over her. He pulled open the belt on the robe and pushed it open and found Jessica was completely nude underneath. He ogled her full breasts, soft curves, and freshly shaved pussy. His dick swelled to a full erection within seconds.

“Well, I seem to recollect that last night you didn’t finish what I asked and while we have an understanding now, you still have a business to handle.”

She studied him as he rose to his full height and kicked off his shoes. He unzipped his jacket, removed it, and cast it to a nearby chair followed by his pants. Her eyes trailed down his toned, lean body and stopped at the bulge behind his black boxer briefs. Jessica bit her bottom lip as she watched him slowly slide down his underwear and take off his socks. When he stood up straight, she couldn’t help but appreciate his body and his thick, smooth, erect cock which he had fucked her silly with the night before.

Nicholas looked terrific for a man in his forties who wasn’t a gym rat. He stayed in shape with kickboxing and swimming which he favored over traditional workouts. Her pussy started to moisten and twitch because she wanted Nick to fuck her however he wanted all over again. Jessica slid the robe off her shoulders, and he helped her remove it from beneath her. Nicholas flung it on the chair with his clothes and turned around to watch as she moved to the center of the bed to relax on one of the pillows.

“God, you look so damn hot. I don’t know whether to bury my face between your legs or my dick.”

She grinned at him. “Well, you are the boss, and that is entirely up to you, Mr. Prescott.”

His dick flexed hard when she called him, “Mr. Prescott.”

Nick got in bed and pulled her on top of him. He pushed her beautiful mass of dark hair back off her face and raised his eyebrow.

“Hmm. Well, hopefully, you’ve learned your lesson about insubordination, Ms. Knight.”

Nicholas paused for a moment, and a thought occurred to him that Jessica Prescott sounded a hell of a lot better than Jessica Knight to him. Nicholas didn’t know why that popped into his head just then. His avoidance of calling her Mrs. Knight wasn’t lost on Jessica, but she didn’t comment.

She smiled down at him and began to slide her bare, wet pussy along his hard shaft. “I did learn my lesson, Mr. Prescott and I am up to the task of completing my duties fully this morning, sir!”

Jessica slid back and forth on his cock and Nick groaned as her warm slit began to glide along his rigid length. Their eyes met, and Jessica lifted herself just enough to permit the head of his dick to line up with her entrance. Nick seized her hips and pushed her down fast on it unable to take the torture of not being inside her one second longer. She gasped as he entered her.

“Ah, fuck!” Nick grunted, “Jesus! Ugh. Fuck, you are wet!”

Jessica shuddered and clenched around him. Nick’s thigh muscles tense as Jessica’s wet tunnel surrounded his pulsing manhood.

“Sit up and ride my dick,” he directed.

There was no delay as she sat up, leaned back, placed her hands behind her on his thighs, and started to move her sheath higher on him. Nick’s hips instantly bucked, and he yanked her back down on his cock. She cried out as his width stretched her tender insides out once again. Hands began to travel up over her stomach, then sternum, and splayed out to her supple breasts. He placed his fingers over them and rubbed. Jessica rocked her hips around and around as he worked his upward to thrust deeper into her juicy slit. She started to bounce on him and squeeze tightly on the downstroke.

“Mmm. Fuck yes, that’s right. Show me how proficient you are at your job, Ms. Knight. Take every bit of this dictation down.”

His fingertips bunched around her stiff nipples to pull and then pinch. She whimpered as the sensation spread over her tits.

“Y-yes, Mr. Prescott. Oh, yes… yes, s-s-sir!”

Jessica increased the pace while Nick twisted her nipples until she cried out. He shoved up from underneath repeatedly with great force. Their sexes crashed into one another faster and harder by the second. He raised his head a bit and looked down to watch where they were connected. Her snug sheath had his dick glistening with her moisture, and he liked what he saw. Her hot pink slit bounded up and down on him, and he still wanted to punish her a bit for last night.

His hands released her breasts, and he used his right to grasp the curvature of her waist, the left to haul back and give a firm slap to the side of her ass. Jessica gasped, and he did it again.

“Ugh, Jesus, Nick!”

Nicholas growled at her. “Ah, uh,” he murmured.

He stopped and pulled her off him. She was surprised to find herself on her back abruptly. Her body was propped up a bit on the pillows, and Nick got between her legs. With a sharp tug, he slid her down and mounted her. He stuffed himself back into her pussy and looked her directly in the eyes as he propelled himself deep. Strong forearms pressed to the back of her knees and elevated her legs higher and higher until they were back quite far while Nick supported himself on his hands and toes.

His face was stern as he leered at her. “Excuse me, who?”

He didn’t wait for an answer and slammed into her hard. Jessica cried out, looked at him wide-eyed, and realized her error.

She stammered, “M-M-M-Mr. P-P-Prescott!”

He started doing pushups in her pussy at a rapid pace and tunneled through her effortlessly. “You’re damn right. It’s Mr. Prescott.”

Jessica shuddered and nodded her head. His dick drilled her out intensely and she could hardly match his strokes. Sweat broke out at Nick’s temples, the lean muscle in his upper body rippled as he heaved and rammed. He was so deep that Jessica felt like her insides were being rearranged.

“You love spreading those pretty fucking legs and giving up that pussy to the boss don’t you, Ms. Knight?”

His cock pummeled her snatch until she was breathless. She nodded and whimpered loudly.

“I want to fucking hear it then. Say it!”

He dropped down into her hard again, and she screamed.

“Tell me! Now!”

Jessica swallowed hard and did her best to speak.

“Ye-yes! Yes! I… I lo-lo-love—”

Her voice caught in her throat when he powered into her with long, broad, forceful strokes that jabbed her center like an arrow hitting the same spot on a bullseye eye over and over. Her eyes rolled back, and she cried out as her body began to shake uncontrollably. Nick knew she was about to cum on his cock, but he was going to make her work for it. He paused his pace, then pulled his dick from her, and held himself suspended.

Jessica cried, “Please! Oh, god. Don’t stop, please. Please, Mr. Prescott!”

Her needy pussy was gaped open, and her hips jerked upward in dire straits to find his dick again.

“Please, gi-give me mo-more. Ne-need to cu-cum!” Jessica pleaded with him.

Nick raised his left eyebrow and looked at her desperate face. “Then answer my question properly, Ms. Knight.”

He lowered himself, so just the head was inside of her then pulled it back out again. She had tried to clench her slit around it but she was too slow.

“Pl-please!” She gasped and begged him.

“Finish answering my question and you’ll get more,” he told her.

She was so desperate that she would have said anything at that moment. “Yes! Oh, fuck! Yes, I love sp-spreading my pr-retty fu-fucking legs and—”

Nick dipped his cock back into her as she finished the sentence on a shrill.

“Giving my pu-pussy up to th-the boss!” She cried out so loudly that his ears rang when he gave her back his full length to the base.

Her slit contracted and she went into convulsions. Nick lowered himself to his knees, shifted her legs and moved them over his shoulders. He rough fucked her with no reprieves as Jessica’s head thrashed from side to side on the pillow. Her legs bounced up in the air on his shoulders and a bead of sweat dripped from his forehead to her upper chest. Jessica screamed and arched off the bed. She grabbed the sheet on both sides of her and trembled.

“Oh, my fu-fucking God! Ahh! Cu-cu-cumming, Mr. Pre-sc-o-tt!”

Jessica’s body erupted wildly. Her pussy gripped his cock and he re-angled his dick inside of her. She puffed and hissed, then lost herself in her orgasm for several seconds. Her body quivered under him as her eyelids fluttered.

“Oh…Je-Jesus! Oh, Jesus!” Jessica gasped and shuddered.

Her body dropped back to the mattress, and she sighed and sucked in several deep breaths. Nick looked at her and flashes of losing her ran through his mind. He closed his eyes and shook his head, then looked at her again. He centered himself with an affirmation.

She belongs to you. She loves you. She wants you.

He decreased his pace as he felt her start to come down from the peak and tossed her legs off his shoulders. They hit the bed with a flop; he slid his arms and hands under and gripped her shoulder blades. She took hold of his upper back and hoisted her legs up around the lower half of it.

“Tell me that I fucking own you,” Nick’s his hot breath which smelled like fresh mint washed over her face.

Jessica could see that something was going on in his head, but she wasn’t sure what. His moments sped up as he plunged in and out of her.

“Say it… tell me, Jess!” He snapped.

Hurriedly, she responded and milked his cock, “Yes! You own me. You fucking own me!”

Nick groaned and rotated his hips forward hard, his calves tensed. Jessica pressed her hands into his back and pulled him to her closer. He shuddered and reared against her as the heels of her feet delved into his lower back. His body was strained so much against her that she sank into the pillow and mattress as he bore into her.

“Oh fuck. Jess, uh. Shit! Shit!”

She knew he was about to explode and cried out, “Do it, Mr. Prescott! I do love spreading my legs for the boss and will whenever the fuck he says so. I love obeying you. Fill me with your seed. Let me take it with me. Cum in me!”

“Fuck. You want to take my seed with you?”

Nick rested his forehead on hers so that they were eye to eye and nose to nose. He continued to saw in and out of her slick hole as it twitched. He ached to cum inside her for reasons that he knew were wrong, but he couldn’t help himself. It hit him hard suddenly that she was going to leave him that night to return to her life with her husband.

Yes, he’d see her again bright and early on Monday as usual but, this weekend had been different. She had said things that indelibly made a mark on him, renewed his faith in what he believed all along, and that was that she belonged with him. A pang of jealousy caught him entirely off guard, and he winced.

Jessica was about to speak, but he did before she could.

“Tell me you want me and only me. Tell me I am who you love, Jessica. I need to fucking hear it, baby.” His voice sounded more pained to her ears. She wanted to reassure him.

Jessica inclined up and kissed him hard on the mouth. She broke it and whispered quickly, “All of it. I want to take every fucking drop with me. I want you, just you. I love you, Mr. Prescott. Give me your seed. I want it.”

With that Nick growled and cursed, “Fuck! Oh, fuck, Jess. Dammit. Oh… shit. Ugh, fucking god. I’m about to…oh damn!”

His potent ball sack tightened up, his cock flexed inside of Jessica’s slit, and she milked him hard. Her hips rose off the bed, and she pushed her slit all the way up to his cock, held it there, and squeezed as tight as she could. Then snatched her pussy down his cock just a little out of his reach, so he had to drop his hips down low to get as deep as he was again. She knew that the technique would make her pussy seem even tighter.

“Ah fuck, Jessica! God-fucking-dammit-shit!”

Nick let out an unusual sound that didn’t sound human and tensed. Jessica punched up her hips with all her strength and clenched then released around his cock to draw his climax out of him.

His head lifted off hers, his breath caught, and he seemed as if he wanted to say something else but couldn’t get it out. He shuddered, and she saw his eyes cross. Nick let out a deep roar and started to blow.

“Yes, oh fuck, yes. Mr. Prescott. Empty yourself inside me! Give it all to me. All of it!”

Numerous spurts of his hot cream splattered all over Jessica’s pussy walls and painted them in a thick coating. Nick quivered and whimpered as his release took charge. He came so strenuously that it zapped his strength. His body crumpled on top of Jessica’s, and face planted between her neck and the pillow.

Nick breathed hard and murmured something unintelligible as Jessica pulled out the last bit of his seed and milked him completely dry. He twitched a few times as small ripples of aftershocks jerked his body. Eventually, they lay motionless to catch their breath as she softly stroked his back. When they recovered, he leaned up on his forearms and placed his large hands on the sides of her face. He looked at her and felt so many emotions flood into him all at once, but he didn’t speak.

“Yes, I do love you. Mr. Prescott own me. You.”

Part of him resented that he needed her to say those things. He hated that she was going back to her husband and what if she didn’t come back one day? He stared into her blue eyes, and for the first time in many years, real dread hit him. Nicholas had an urge to ask her not to leave him, not then, not ever. He wanted to tell her that he’d find a way it could all work and he’d take care of her, but then his mind went back the conversations he’d overheard on the balcony, and he kept his mouth shut.

To be continued.

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