About Salacious Storyteller


Thank you for visiting my blog. I am Salacious Storyteller, the owner of the Salacious Storyboard blog. I am a woman, over the age of twenty-one and have specifically geared my blog for adult entertainment only as it is not suitable for children in any regard. I started this blog over the summer of 2018 for the purpose of keeping track of erotica online role play characters which I created as well as their stories. I’ve been an online role player for many years, creating characters is something that I have a lot of experience within the virtual world. However, I’ve decided to focus less on that and more on developing my writing here. 

I’ve always liked to read and write because it was an outlet for me during childhood. Reading was a “safe place” for me to escape whatever negativity which surrounded me at the time. I started to write a little in my preteens off and on but didn’t have the confidence to share it with anyone. I wasn’t very good at it (and I’m still not great at it), but I love it. It was and still is very cathartic for me to write and I specifically prefer the romance and erotica genres. However, I am very sensitive about my writing and as much as I love it people’s critique of it can be unnerving. So, I try hard to just write what I enjoy and if others like it, then I am glad. 


Fantasy has always been such a passion of mine but as I got older, I realized erotica was as well. I have loved romance novels since I was in my teens and as I got older I found out about the various categories within that genre. I really enjoy dark romance with erotica heavily weaved into a great story plot. I like subjects that are controversial and cause people to question their own moral standards. 

reading adventure.gif

That is probably why the overwhelming majority of my writing has to do with romance, erotica, love, angst, moral dilemma, taboos, etc. Even though I read many of those books in my youth, I was a late bloomer when it came to my sexuality and I’m still learning. So, this blog is also an outlet to write about some things regarding my own interests and discoveries about sexuality. I think it is healthy for everyone to get in touch with that aspect of themselves when they are ready to do so. It’s not something that I think should be stifled but society being what it is and people being incredibly judgmental, I’ve found it beneficially to have my outlet but maintain my privacy. 


My identity otherwise will remain anonymous on this blog because while it is an outlet for me, my family and friends aren’t aware of some of the things that I enjoy. I’d like to protect their sensibilities and their privacy as well. Anyone who has an issue with triggers regarding that topic or anything related to it should not be reading my blog. Please read my disclaimer here: Salacious Storyboard Disclaimer and about this blog here: Salacious Content


Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact me with any comments and questions. I will try to get back to you with 24 hours or less. Please do not copy any part of my blog without my expressed permission which you can request here: Contact Salacious Storyteller

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